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Care Home Visits - Ear Care Carlisle

I can help with regular check ups, hearing screening and help prevent hearing loss with faster diagnosis in care or residential homes in and around the Carlisle area.

Regular ear care checkups are particularly important in the elderly as poor hearing is associated with the greater risk of falls.

Hearing loss is also the largest modifiable risk factor for age related dementia – responsible for over 8% of cases of dementia among older adults. (WHO, World Report on Hearing, 2021). Dementia can be misdiagnosed as hearing loss and vice versa. 

Care homes can increase wellbeing with regular check-ups for more engaged, communicative residents. Many residents within a care home suffer from some form of reduced hearing. And due to living within a care home setting many may not have received any ear and hearing health check-ups for a considerable amount of time.

Call for an appointment on 07947 652 738

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Wendy Brown Ear Care
Call for an appointment on 07947 652 738

Wendy Brown. Holly Cottage, Wreay, Carlisle CA4 0RL

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