Ear Care Carlisle

Ear Care Carlisle

Wendy Brown Ear Care Carlisle 

Mobile Clinical Ear Care Practitioner based in Carlisle and surrounding area.

Appointments in the comfort of your own home.

A thorough examination and ear screening available to see if your problems are caused by wax.

If needed safe best practice ear wax removal using Microsuction can be performed.

Certified hearing screening test to detect any hearing loss.

Ear Care Carlisle also provides a visiting service for care homes.

BSA ENT Accredited over 25years NHS community health care experience.

Book an ear examination appointment with Wendy Brown Clinical Ear Practitioner
on 07947 652 738 


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Wendy Brown Ear Care
Call for an appointment on 07947 652 738

Wendy Brown. Holly Cottage, Wreay, Carlisle CA4 0RL
Email: wendybrownearcare@yahoo.com

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