Ear Wax Removal


The real issue with blocked ears is the human cost!!!


Many people can't even hear their telephone when it rings let alone anyone on the other end.

Because of an increased use of earphones, widespread use of cotton buds, an ageing population and using ear plugs (which can also cause an impact of wax) a simple ear health check is important whatever age you are...

GPs are no longer offering wax removal as a service resulting in many people experiencing hearing loss which leads to social isolation and cognitive decline. NHS waiting times have increased significantly since the pandemic to access ear health.

This image is an example of a build up of ear wax .The pt was complaining of hearing loss.The images show before and after microsuction the safest way of removing stubborn impacted ear wax.The patient reported that he can now hear perfectly after years of supressed hearing!

Ear Examination - Please click here to see an ear examination report opens a pdf

Tympa Health system

The system produces secure digital records, images and videos of the clients ears, useful for later analysis of change. The Tympa Health system connects with ENT specialists who can advise practitioners of further diagnosis.

Ear Care Carlisle


Prior to the appointment you will be advised to apply olive oil preferably EAROL 2 drops/sprays 3 times a day for 5 days this helps soften the wax ready for ear wax removal.

Your initial assessment will cost £35 and then £15 per ear as required for microsuction. I will arrange an appointment with you in the comfort of your own home,Carlisle and surrounding areas.

On arrival I will conduct a thorough ear examination and share images with you using The Tympa System. If no wax is detected I can conduct a hearing test to determine if your hearing is effected.

If wax is detected microsuction can then be performed to remove ear wax in a safe manner.


If it is decided that ear wax removal treatment is appropriate, I'll use the Tympa system to perform microsuction where the suction device will be placed into your ear and the wax removed in a safe manner.  

If further advice is needed

If further advice is required or any pathologies detected and a second opinion required I am able to access further guidance. Images and videos can be sent to ENT/Audiology specialists for further analysis.  

Hearing loss can affect everyone, often it's caused by excesss wax.

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